This is 45.

45 is knowing the value of life and death.

It is knowing till death do us part and in sickness and health can and will happen.

It is watching your daughters grow up to be young women that can think for themselves.

45 is growing a 2-inch chin hair overnight.

It is knowing that you are good enough for where you are right now.

It is looking in the mirror and seeing the woman you are and the woman you are growing into.

It is forgiving yourself.

It is drenching your PJ’s in the middle of the night because HOT FLASHES are from the inner depths of your soul.

45 is for real friendships that show up.

It is being scared and brave simultaneously.

It is a smaller and more intimate circle of friends.

It is saying no.  Simply no.

It is spontaneous lunches.

45 is planning 3 months out to see your friends because our kids are busy and we are driving them.

It is knowing you are going to have wrinkles but deciding if they are going to be frown lines or laugh lines.

45 is not needing to explain yourself.

It is setting boundaries in relationships, work, and commitments.

It is deep conversations and tears.

45 is knowing you color outside the lines and owning it.

It is walking away from toxicity whether it is family or friends.

It is for doing hard things in all areas of your life.

It is listening to your gut when you know someone is bats**t crazy and running away from the situation.

It is knowing your character flaws and working on them.

It is questioning everything you were told to believe and looking for the truth.

45 is finding gray hair everywhere.

It is a time to stop fake compliments, superficiality, and small talk.

It is knowing you are not fine and being able to say it.

It is enjoying your own company.

45 is giving yourself time and grace to grow.

It is staying in your lane and living the life YOU have been given.

It is gradually releasing responsibility to your children and watching them grow and fail through it.

45 is your kids knowing you are having sex and not worrying about them knowing it anymore.

It is a time to finally heal some wounds.

It is using discernment with how you spend your time.

It is fixing the things that are broken instead of getting something new.

It is knowing that tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed.

45 is for eating carbs and fat.  It is eating to support the lifestyle you lead.

It is cheering younger women on.

It is laughing so hard you pee your pants.

It is knowing that your life sucks and is great all at the same time.

Ready or not….45 is coming.  I like what I am becoming slowly.  This is 45.




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